Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 1 year warranty. We will match any competitors' offer.

◦Premium business services
◦No contract is required
◦Special corporate discounts
◦Group rates
◦Price matching guarantee
◦24 hour customer service
◦Flexible schedule
◦Certified workmanship


ALL UNPLUGGED Sewer & Drain Service uses color video equipment to inspect and demonstrate to the clients where the problem has occurred. We video the line first and locate the problem. Once the blockage is believed to be resolved, we video the line once more to ensure the job has been completed correctly. A DVD can be printed for the customers viewing.

Signs of a blockage include but are not limited to:
*sewer back up *clogged sink *toilet clogged
*water will not drain *clogged drains *slow drains
*overflowing water

Common causes of a blockage include but are ot limited to:
*tree roots *scale build up *grease build up
*foriegn objects *sag in sewer line *broken sewer line
*sand/ dirt *shifted pipe *rocks


ALL UNPLUGGED Sewer & Drain Service uses an above ground electronic device that can trace a signal below the ground. This allows precise depth and location of the pipe and directly to problem area.


ALL UNPLUGGED Sewer & Drain Service utilizes a hydrojet. This is the process of using 3700 psi high pressure water to scour the pipe walls clean. This process removes grease, roots, sand, dirt, soap and other debris.

Hydrojetting is the only process that can effectively clean your lines. The industry standard for sewer and drain cleaning is hydrojetting because of it"s effectiveness. It is truely amazing what a hydrojetting machine will cut through and clean.

In comparison to a snake, the hydrojet is far superior. A snake (or cable) typically punches a hole in the blockage or debris. This will allow for flow again however, debris has been left behind and will be the location for debris to accumulate all over again. Once again, the pipe will be blocked and drains will begin to back up.